April is Cesarean Awareness Month

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Hey, I just got to know that April is Cesarean Awareness Month.
So, What is Cesarean Awareness Month?

I got this info from ICAN:
“An internationally recognized month of awareness about the impact of cesarean sections on mothers, babies, and families worldwide. It’s about educating yourself to the pros and cons of major abdominal surgery and the possibilities for healthy birth afterwards as well as educating yourself for prevention of cesarean section.”

I have always believed that we need to be in control of our own body, and that we shouldn’t let anyone forcing us to do the things on/to our body without our consent. Yup. And this includes the doctors. I believe in getting informed.

So, read. And get informed.


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Baby is kicking hard!

April 22, 2008 at 9:15 am (Pregnancy 101) (, , )

It feels like like ages since I last wrote something here. I guess I’m not much of a writer :P.
But today, i felt like writing something. I’m 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant already! Which means I’m about 6 months and a half pregnant, and have 87 days more to go!

What I like most about being pregnant as of right now is my tummy being kicked from the INSIDE (of course..) every now and then, especially during these few weeks. It feels like my baby is riding a huge wave inside my tummy! And it’s really fun to watch. Make me giggle all the time. Haha! All I can tell is that my baby’s been pretty active lately 🙂

And oh yes, I learned something new today. It’s called the APGAR score.
APGAR score is a score that the doctor calculates one minute, and then five minutes after the baby is born, to help determine whether the newborn is ready to meet the world without additional medical assistance.

I copied the information below from BabyCenter.

“This score — developed by anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar in 1952 and now used in modern hospitals worldwide — rates a baby’s appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity, and breathing with a number between zero and 2 (2 being the strongest rating). The numbers are totaled, and 10 is considered a perfect score.

It’s easy to remember what’s being tested by thinking of the letters in the name “Apgar”: Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration. Here’s how they’re used to rate your baby:

Activity (muscle tone)
0 — Limp; no movement
1 — Some flexion of arms and legs
2 — Active motion

Pulse (heart rate)
0 — No heart rate
1 — Fewer than 100 beats per minute
2 — At least 100 beats per minute

Grimace (reflex response)
0 — No response to airways being suctioned
1 — Grimace during suctioning
2 — Grimace and pull away, cough, or sneeze during suctioning

Appearance (color)
0 — The baby’s whole body is completely bluish-gray or pale
1 — Good color in body with bluish hands or feet
2 — Good color all over

Respiration (breathing)
0 — Not breathing
1 — Weak cry; may sound like whimpering, slow or irregular breathing
2 — Good, strong cry; normal rate and effort of breathing

What do the Apgar scores mean?
The one-minute Apgar score
This helps your practitioner decide whether your baby needs immediate medical help. If your baby scores between 7 and 10, it usually means he’s in good shape and doesn’t need more than routine post-delivery care. (Don’t be disappointed if your baby doesn’t score a perfect 10, though. It’s unusual for a baby’s hands and feet to have good color one minute or so after arrival.)

If your baby scores between 4 and 6, he may need some help breathing. This could mean something as simple as suctioning his nostrils or massaging him, or it could mean giving him oxygen. If your baby scores 3 or less, he may need immediate lifesaving measures, such as resuscitation. Keep in mind, though, that a low score at one minute doesn’t mean that your baby won’t eventually be just fine. Sometimes babies born prematurely or delivered by cesarean section, for example, have lower-than-normal scores, especially at the one-minute testing.

The five-minute Apgar score
This helps your practitioner see how your baby is progressing and whether he has responded to any initial medical intervention. A score of 7 to 10 is still considered normal at this point. If your baby scores 6 or less at the five-minute mark, he may need medical help and your practitioner will determine what steps need to be taken. ”

OK baby, let’s get you out in the world with a good score ok.
Mummy prays for you. 🙂
Muuahhhhh from mummy!

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I Hurt My Tailbone

December 17, 2007 at 5:34 am (Lessons To Learn) (, , , , )

Yesterday I went for a swim and some skinny dipping (ok, just dipping) at Pangsun, Langat with the in-laws and my husband of course. We chose our favourite spot for the ‘slide-down-the-fast-stream-then-grab-the-end-of-the-bamboo-stick-so-that-the-current-won’t-take-you-further-down-the-river’ water game.

Crazy? I know. I know!

While streaming happily down the river, I accidentally bumped my tailbone against a rock. It wasn’t a hard bump, but enough to make my rear end still feel hurt till today. I hope nothing happens to the baby. 😦 (Praying)

If we are ever to go there again in the near future, I swear I would just skinny dip (ok, dip), and opt out of the crazy water game. You guys enjoy ok.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a second appointment with the Ob/Gyn Dr Nik. I guess I’m gonna have to tell him about my little activity yesterday. Oh my.

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Second MC in 3 Days

December 5, 2007 at 4:41 am (Morning Sickness) (, , )

Today I am 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant. And it has been the most trying week so far. I’ve taken a second medical leave in three days! (the first one was on Monday, 3rd Dec 2007 and the second one, today, Wednesday 5th Dec 2007).

On both of the days, I woke up, feeling awful, not wanting to go to work (not that I love going to work on better days anyway). And it was all because of this feeling of wanting to throw up! I have to cover my nose so that I wouldn’t feel so, so much.

The GP that I met this morning told me that I looked pale. She thought that I had probably lost a lot of hemoglobin, and thus she presribed me with some vitamin Bs. And up to the this point, I haven’t taken the vitamin yet. I’m gonna wait a little longer, at least until the ‘tingling’ sensation on my throat subsides.

Today, however was not as bad as what had happened on Monday. At least I only have to wear a sweater to keep me warm a little. Rather than having to lie down in bed to get some rest. Also, I still have not recovered from loss of appetite since early this week. So, I do not enjoy eating at all. I even repulse the sight of cooking shows on the Asian Food Channel. You see, I could smell with my eyes now.

As I’m writing this, ‘The Holiday’ is coming to an end. Hey, watching movie did help me forget a little that I’m feeling sick. Great! 🙂

Okay. That’s about it. I’m going to watch another movie.

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First Puke.

November 28, 2007 at 8:34 am (Morning Sickness) (, )

Today is the first day I puke. I know. Gross isn’t it? I’m keeping a record of everything that’s happening to me during this pregnancy. So, this is one of them.

I had to stay about 20 minutes in the car (yes, I was in the car, in the parking lot of my office building, just arrived) praying that I wouldn’t vomit. I tried to hold my breath to make the urge to.. you know.. gone. It has always worked before. But today, I just can’t keep it tame. It leaked at around 9 am.

There you go.. my first puke. Thank god there’s a plastic bag in the car, and that I only had orange juice that morning. Otherwise.. I don’t think I even want to describe it.

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First Ob/Gyn Appointment

November 28, 2007 at 6:45 am (Appointment) (, , )

Yesterday was my first prenatal checkup. I went to Gleneagles, seeing Dr Nik, or rather Dato’ Paduka Dr Nik. It was my first time ever having my stomach scanned (using ultrasound), searching for the teeny tiny baby inside the womb. The baby was soooo small, about 5.6 mm I was told by the doctor. That’s not even a cm!  From the size of the baby & the womb from the ultrasound, it is estimated that the baby in miniature (called the embryo) is already 6 weeks and 4 days through. So today, that makes the baby 6 weeks and 5 days.

From the ultrasound, it is also estimated that my due date is going to be on 18th July 2008. Wow. Upon writing this, I’m still in disbelieve that I’m actually carrying a baby within me! From the ultrasound screen, I can see the baby ‘blinking’. That’s actually the baby’s heart, beating. And then Dr Nik turned on the amplifier (it must be), so that I could hear the sound of the baby’s heart beat. At that moment, I’m not sure whether to believe that that was the sound of my baby’s heart beat or mine. Haha :P. It was miraculous, and loud as well 😀

Dr Nik also asked some questions regarding my medical history, on whether I have any surgical history (nil) , whether I have any allergies (oh yes I do. I’m allergic to dust & dustmites, some metals – nickel I think, or the ones used to make contume jewelry chain, plastic I think, some kind of rubber, and some other things that I haven’t encountered before :D), immediate family medical history, whether I gained any extra weight since I found out that I’m pregnant (yes I did, about 1.3kg extra), the first day of my last period (4th Oct), my period cycle, the first day that I tested/found out that I am pregnant (Wednesday, 21st Nov 2007 ), when was I married (3rd Feb 2007), and some other stuff that I couldn’t quite recall.

He also said that I can eat anything that I want. Really. Hehe. Some doctor eh. But, I should avoid  spicy and oily food if I’m having heavy morning sickness (which translate to a lot of vomitting. Yucks. I know.)

That’s about it.

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Pregnancy Journal

November 28, 2007 at 5:49 am (Uncategorized) ()

I read somewhere on the internet, to be exact, on  http://www.pregnancy-period.com/pregnancy_journal.html, that writing a journal on your pregnancy experience is the best way to treasure your valuable memories of pregnancy. The site said that once you deliver your baby, you are going to forget how it felt to be pregnant within a couple of years! Really?

And so I thought, why not, right?

That is how https://pregnantmom.wordpress.com is born. Pregnant Mom? It that the correct term, if this is my first pregnancy? Shouldn’t it be Pregnant Lady? Or.. Pregnant Mom-to-be? Hehe. Whatever. 😛

Anyway, this blog shall be the place where I record everything that’s happening to me during this pregnancy. All the best to myself!

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